Deacon of the Week (DOW) -- please call the church at 850-243-3163 to contact any of the deacons listed below or refer to your weekly church bulletin or Carry The Light (see the Resources tab) for specific DOW contact numbers    

03/31 - 04/06  Glenn Jones

(Deacon Meeting Apr 2nd at 6pm - devotion TBD)

04/07 - 04/13  Don Lambert (Missionary Highlight 04/07)

(Church-wide Lord's Supper Apr 7th)

04/14 - 04/20  Jim Mayes

(FWB Rehab Lord's Supper Apr 14th)

04/21 - 04/27  Skip McLendon

04/29 - 05/04  Kenny McDowell

05/05 - 05/11  Doug Murphy (Missionary Highlight 05/05)

(Deacon Meeting May 7th at 6pm - devotion TBD)

05/12 - 05/18  Mike Nichols

(FWB Rehab Lord's Supper May 12th)

05/19 - 05/25  Lonnie Owen

05/26 - 06/01  Barry Parks

06/02 - 06/08  Ted Rabourn (Missionary Highlight 06/02)

(Deacon Meeting Jun 4th at 6pm - devotion TBD)

06/09 - 06/15  Dubner Saintilus

(FWB Rehab Lord's Supper Jun 9th)

06/16 - 06/22  Freddie Schinz

06/23 - 06/29  Gary Stanford

06/30 - 07/06  Clayton White


Welcome to the Deacon section of First Baptist Church, Fort Walton Beach. This section includes: a list of the Deacons on active status for the calendar year 2018; and a description of the Deacon of the Week (DOW) plan/process used for Deacons to minister to the church family. Please don’t hesitate to contact the church or me if you have comments or questions on this or any other portion of the Deacon Program.

Barry Parks, Deacon Chairman


2019 Deacons

Greg Aldridge (Ass't Chair)        Larry Ashley                               Walt Cansdale                             Tony Clark

Bruce Garner                              Jim Henry                                   Jeff Hyder                                     Doug Johnson              

Glenn Jones                                Don Lambert (Recorder)           Jim Mayes                                   Skip McLendon

Ken McDowell                             Doug Murphy                              Mike Nichols                                Lonnie Owen Jr      

Barry Parks (Chairman)             Ted Rabourn                               Dubner Saintilus                          Freddie Schinz      

Gary Stanford                             Clayton White                              Mike Whitfield                             John Williams           

Gary Wilson                               Charles Wimberly                         Johnny Woitt


Deacon Ministry Plan

FBC FWB's Family Ministry Program includes an On Call Deacon Plan. The Deacon Body believes we are called to minister to all of the members/families of the church, and that we can best do this through the on call plan. The on call method differs from family ministry in that deacons do not have specific families assigned to them in most cases. If a church family has a member in the hospital for instance (or has any other need) they can simply call the church office or the Deacon on call for that week. As soon as the Deacon is notified of a need, he will contact/visit the member/family in need, minister to the best of his ability, and report to all of the active Deacons and the FBC FWB Staff on the situation, action taken and suggested additional action (if appropriate) that the Deacons/Church Staff might need to take. Thus all active Deacons and the Church Staff will know of the member/family need (unless requested to keep it confidential) and can immediately be in prayer for the situation.

The on call method described above has been incorporated into the Deacon of the Week (DOW) duties. The DOW, the assistant DOW and their phone numbers will be published each week in the Worship Guide. Additionally, the DOW for each week of the month will be published in the church newsletter and be placed on the church web site (see current DOW list above). The period of service for each DOW is from Sunday through Saturday. In most instances, the assistant DOW will become the DOW for the following week.

If any member/family is not comfortable with this plan and would prefer to have a Deacon assigned to them, please contact the Chairman of Deacons. This change does not preclude any member from contacting any Deacon at any time on any matter. We are convinced that all active Deacons feel called to be servants for Christ and desire to do that in a manner that is pleasing to Him and each individual member/family associated with FBC FWB.

2019 Deacon Meeting Schedule (6:00 pm on the following dates)

Jan 8th, Feb 5th, March 5th, April 2nd, May 7th, June 4th, Jul 2nd, Aug 6th, Sep 3rd, Oct 1st, Nov 5thDec 3rd CHRISTMAS PARTY