Our Purpose

Here at First Baptist Church we support a variety of missions.

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Missions Policy Letter

Committee Points Of Contact:

  - Chairman (acbabtdy@yahoo.com or Missions@fbcfwb.org)

Community Missions

National Missions

International Missions



Missionary Meet-and-Greet

One of our sponsored missionaries, Dean A and his family, met with church members at an informal gathering on Jan 2nd in the CLC Cafe. Dean spoke about his path to becoming a missionary as well as his past areas of service, his recent doctoral degree experience, and his family's relocation to a new mission area/country. Please see the International Missions section for more info.

Missions Committee Summary & Notes -- Oct 25th, 2018

Meeting opened with prayer at approximately 5:40pm. Missions Committee met on Oct 25th to discuss 2019 Missions budget, upcoming events, and to discuss Missions-related topics/plans with Pastor Wade. The 2019 budget proposal was accepted, including additional funds for 1 national trip, 1 international trip, and a Missions conference. Funds which were previously identified for the (now re-organized) local church network were used to increase support to several local and church mission areas including WMU and FCA. Benevolence was also included as a Missions area with increased funds. Several Missions events and interest areas were also discussed for increased emphasis in 2019.Finally, opportunities exist to host several of our sponsored ministry families/missionaries as they visit during the holidays; church schedules/events will be coordinated for any interaction with our church family. The next planned Missions Committee meeting is anticipated for January 2019.  Meeting closed with prayer at approximately 7:10pm.  

Current Mission Opportunities

Woman's Missionary Union (WMU) is a missions organization that has educated and involved generations upon generations in Christian missions. Their purpose—to challenge Christian believers to understand and be radically involved in the mission of God—is accomplished through  age-level missions organizations, hands-on missions opportunities, and additional resources produced by WMU. They believe missions is a lifestyle and provide missions education resources for all age-levels. See more info at the following

WMU web site

WMU@FBC FaceBook page

WMU Mats for Missions FaceBook page

Disaster Relief Training

Pray we don't need it next time, but prepare to help others!

Learn more and give to Hurricane Michael recovery at:


If you are interested in joining our Disaster Relief Team there are many different ways to help. Contact the Missions Committee, get scheduled for training, and read lots of great information at www.flbaptistdisaster.org or on the Facebook page for Florida Baptist Disaster Relief. Our training at Hillcrest Baptist Church in Pensacola was a huge success. Please see the front page info, the Facebook page linked above, or contact the Missions Committee (through the church) for general info/admin.

Backpack Meal program

We continue to partner with Food For Thought into the 2018-2019 school year program! Meals are pre-packed and delivered to Bruner Middle School as part of our sponsorship, and we have successfully increased the number of meals provided as part of our Food For Thought partnership and thanks to our wonderful team of volunteers! If you are interested in helping, please contact the church (243-3163).

Crop Drop 2018 -- Thanks (!) to our volunteers for this year's event on Sat, Nov 17th: This annual event distributes last-from-the-field produce from all over the SE region to those who are in need locally. Thanks to the local organizers and for our 2018 volunteers who picked up and delivered over 400 bags of sweet potatoes to Opportunity Place and Catholic Charities. Click HERE for some photos and join us each year as we help put Missions In Action and support our local community.

Future Happenings:

-- Lottie Moon special collection through Christmas

-- Live Nativity Dec 17-22, 2018