• Church Newsletter

    The church publishes and e-mails / mails out a monthly Newsletter to keep everyone up-to-date on church business and to provide key information about events and opportunities for the current month. This Newsletter includes a duplicate calendar, written posts from each of the key Ministry areas, and important dates / details about church-wide activities. Please click on the link below to access the on-line version of this Newsletter, and call the church office (850-243-3163) if you have any questions.

    August 2017 Newsletter 

  • Carry The Light

    Each week the church publishes a "Carry The Light" bulletin that provides key announcements, Deacon Of the Week contact data, and other important information. Please click on the link below to access the on-line version of this bulletin, or call Julie Haley at the church office 850-243-3163 if you have any questions.

    Weekly Carry The Light

  • Sermons/Archive (Now on our FBC FWB You Tube channel!)

    We invite you to listen to our Pastor or Guest Speaker(s) for this week's sermons, or to access the Sermon Archives for other messages saved by calendar date.

    NEW!!!  Access our sermon and archives now on You Tube by clicking HERE



  • Media Center (Bldg B, Suite 13. Open Sundays 8:45 am - 10:30 am)

    Our Media Center is available to church members and offers various media to help learn about God and stimulate Christian growth. We have over 2,000 books for adults and children; more than 350 video tapes, DVDs, and Books On Tape/CD; plus brochures and pamphlets on religious faith, aids to help with witnessing, maps for teaching or Bible Study, and other teaching aids.

    You'll find a large selection of classics and the latest books by Christian authors such as Max Lucado, Billy Graham, Tim LaHaye, C.S. Lewis, Hal Lindsey, Adrian Rogers, Charles Stanley, Beth Moore and many, many more!      Drop by this Sunday!


  • Counseling

    First Baptist Church offers counseling services through the Emerald Coast Fellowship of Baptist Churches right here on church property. Polly Yates (RN, M.A., LMHC), our Associate Pastor’s wife, offers Christian counseling in a non-threatening, confidential setting to people in need. The Counseling Center’s mission is to provide hope and healing for those suffering from emotional and spiritual problems. If you want to receive counseling, please contact the Emerald Coast Fellowship of Baptist Churches to schedule an appointment (850) 729-1266(850) 729-1266.

  • Wednesday Family Supper and Bible Study

    Join us for fellowship and good food each Wednesday. Home-cooked meals and First Kids meals are available. Prayer and Bible Study service follow at 6:20 p.m. unless the monthly Church Conference (business meeting) is scheduled.

    Reservations and cancellations must be made by 12:00 noon on Tuesday -- please call the church office at 850-243-3163 


  • Prayer Requests (This is a link we hope to have in the future)

    We believe that prayer is powerful! If you would like our Prayer Team to include your prayer please fill in one of our confidential Prayer Requests from the Worship Service bulletin, call, or e-mail one of the church staff/ministers and we will pray for your need or your praise.